As You Wish

I am done blogging. This is supposed to be where i can go to vent and tell my stories and all I want to. So as you wish dear sir no more posts im done. All over. -Cierra Out


Black Friday!!

Wow Black Friday is here!! Time for all the shopaholics to get there fix. Crazy time of the year. It’s when you can’t walk into a store without being run over because the person over the intercom said sweaters half-off, and look 20% off for some usless item that we are never going to need again!!!! So exciting!!! Oh nooo seems as if i have to help with black friday, I have to tag the clothes… -_- great.

P.S. please don’t run me over if you see a sign with half-off toilets or something else really stupid. lol XD


Wow!  I bet that you are wondering why I am talking about school when there are so many things to talk about, well it’s because I love  my language arts class!!!!!!!! I know what you ‘re about to say…….who likes school? Well i am not saying that i like school but I don’t hate it. I love my language arts class it’s so much fun! My teacher Mrs. Vazquez is awesome she is my favorite teacher!!!!!!!!!!!! I get so upset that her class is last period because I have to wait for my favorite class but like they usually say save the best for last.

At McDowell the homework is not too bad. (WARNING: STUDENTS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL HOMEWORK IS WORSE AT MCDOWELL THAN AT LAURELVILLE WASHINGTON OR SALTCREEK!) I normally have homework everyday in math. I have homework like 15 minutes every night in language arts all that is to learn my vocabulary words.  In science we usually never have homework and in social studies we rarely have homework. (Thank God!)

Days at McDowell are typically for me very fun (until math) and like i said earlier my favorite class of the day is language arts,  although I do have other classes. like social studies (never boring) and science ( easy as pie and fun too) or choir (awesome) oh i like band too! Intramurals is fun too. Get this future middle schoolers instead of recess you have intramurals. Intramurals is when you have free time before or after lunch (depending on what team you are on.) You can walk and talk to your friends or play basketball, knock out, volleyball there are a lot of choices!

Well I think that I am spoiling McDowell for future students so have fun and enjoy!

Kings Island

Hey everyone guess what  July thirteenth I went  to Kings Island. It was awesome. I rode on the diamond back,the scream zone (also known as the drop tower) and the invertigo and a lot more rides but the ones I just listed were the best of them all. When we first got there it was raining so we couldn’t get on any rides but instead we waited till the next day we got on all the rides in one day and still had time to spare it was awesome. I would make kings island the best family trip ever!  I think that every family should go to Kings Island for a family trip at least once in their life. OH yea while I’m at it you need to know that the Kings Island Resort was the most disgusting plae I have ever been to. Under the beds had candy rappers, the blanketsc that we had to sleep with were dirty, and the worst of all the beds on the bottoms were brown!!!!!!!!!!!! Guess what this was after the room was cleaned by the resort employes.

 I think that  the employes are just lazy. I am not saying that because I don’t like them it’s just that as the kings island resort they have a big reputation to keep they sould be doing their best to keep their reputations instead of messing it up with dirty rooms.

So if you ever go to Kings Island I would go to Great Wolf  (the hotel.) It’s much cleaner and they offer the same things that kings island Resort. Well this is Cierra saying have a good summer! 🙂

D.A.R.E. Essay

This year in D.A.R.E. I have learned many things that will help me and my family stay away from drugs and alcohol. Like even though my family knows that smoking can cause lung cancer or can kill someone with second-hand smoke but I bet that they did not know how much tar they get in their lungs in a year or how smoking makes your skin age faster. They probably did not know that smokers have more colds and upper breathing problems like a few people I know.

I have also learned that not all kids do drugs. 93% of eighth graders do not smoke and 85% of eighth graders do not drink. So by the results I know that it is not cool to do drugs. Drugs are not cool for one reason and that is because they can really hurt someone. I know many people who smoke and drink, unfortunately some of them are kids and some are teenagers I just hope that they would see that it is not cool or healthy to smoke.

Something that has influenced me a lot is in D.A.R.E. is we saw Mr. Dip Lip, which was a replica of the mouth of someone who has used dip. When we observed it I noticed the lip was cut, the teeth were yellow, the gums looked disgusting. But that is what dip will do. I learned that the people who make dip used to put fiber glass in dip so it could easily get into the bloodstream. Dip destroys the mouth. I know a few people who used and use dip. I wish they wouldn’t after what I have learned I am trying my best to keep people I know and people I meet off of dip.

When in D.A.R.E. I also learned about smoking Suzie. Smoking Suzie is a doll that was made to show us the affects of smoking. I think that smoking Suzie was very helpful because I did not know all the affects of smoking, like how much tar you get in your lungs a year.

I promise to make the right decisions. So I promise to do my best to stay away from drugs and alcohol. I also promise to never use drugs and alcohol as long as I live.